Learntoshoot.co.uk offers you the chance to be professionally taught, clay pigeon shooting in a safe and relaxed environment. Our CPSA (Clay Pigeon Shooting Association) qualified instructors, provide tailored shooting instruction to individuals, groups or for corporate events and organised parties such as birthdays, stag and hen parties.

Learntoshoot.co.uk has several locations available throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire and provides a range of services:

Personal tuition(up to 2 persons)
Have a go(for 3-6 persons)
Organised parties (birthday/stag/hen/etc.)
Corporate entertainment (refreshments, team building exercises)
Gift vouchers are available (a unique and memorable experience)

At the start of each session our tutors take the time, to instruct all participants in safety and gun handling, they then fit you for a gun, good gun fit is fundamental to good shooting. Once this process is complete we can then progress on to shooting stands, starting with relatively easy targets and progressing at your own pace as your confidence and ability grows.

N.B. If you are thinking of taking up shooting don't start by getting a licence and buying a gun! Have a couple of lessons, you will not only learn basic shooting principles but also gain an insight into gun fit. This knowledge will assist you immensely when purchasing a gun. A correctly fitting gun is paramount to good shooting.

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